Daniel Salecich.


Rasacuti Quartet, Brisbane, Australia.
With Spiros Rantos, Daniel Salecich (violins), Dan Curro (Cello), Brachi Tilles (Piano)


Simon Vosecek "Nebenhöhlen". For Violin Solo. World Premiere, Daniel Salecich.

Bernhard Eder "Conundrum". For 7 violins. With Daniel Salecich, Seo Yulee, Yaromyr Babsky, Katharina Schwamm, Enikö Czellecz, Rusanda Panfili, Maria Ivanova Boneva (Violins)

Jazz, Groove, World

Greengage Band, Vienna. Compositions from Daniel Salecich. With Daniel Salecich (Violin), Alex Pinter (Guitar), Walter Bass (Piano), Michael Kröss (Bass) and Lucas Fellner (Drums).

Greengage Band, Vienna, Call me Unknown / Ebet Magin. Arrangement/Composition Daniel Salecich. With special guest Hessam Habibi (Dotar).


John Dellroy Band, Vienna.
With John Dellroy (A Guitar, Lead Vocals), Franz Königshofer (E Guitar, Vocals), Daniel Salecich (Violin, Synth, Vocals), Peter Völker (Bass), Mic Pawlowitsch (Drums).


Daniel Salecich has played internationally both as Soloist, Concertmaster and Orchestral member. He has performed throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. He has performed as Soloist at Wien Modern and also appeared with the Crossover/Jazz group Midasdivas at the International Accordion Festival Vienna. More recently he has formed the Jazz group Greengage and is also a member of the John Dellroy Band (Folk-Rock/Indie).

Salecich has been associated (amongst others) with musicians such as Joanna Lewis (Koehne Quartet), Spiros Rantos (Ensemble I), Simon Vosecek, Christof Cech, Michael Dallinger, Michael Kröss, Alex Pinter und Jelena Propazan.